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PPI Chrobok S.A. company offers carrying out microtunneling works on a wide range of diameters. We provide microtunelling kits for executing drilling with a diameter of Ø250mm up to Ø 1700 mm. Microtunneling method can be used anywhere, where there is a need to install pipes in the ground without having the possibility to carry out work in the open trench. Microtunneling technology is characterized by high accuracy.

Prasa Mikrotunelowa podczas wiercenia

Prasa Mikrotunelowa podczas wiercenia

HDD, Horizontal Directional Drilling

The method we use, has the advantage over the traditional method of drilling involving the execution of a smaller diameter pilot hole, making it possible to achieve high system accuracy and to control preformed drilling trajectory. Drilling the pilot hole is continued by entering into a phase of inserting the target element, duct, casing string following drilled pilot hole trajectory. During installation of the target element, continuously checks of the drilling trajectory are carried out.

Herreneknecht 100Ton machine

Herreneknecht 100Ton machine

Pipe-jacking, jacking

We conducted numerous studies involving the installation of pipes in the ground with an open head-pipe-jacking method. When performing this type of work, we constantly monitor the direction of drilling, which enables high accuracy and minimizes an error. Pipe- jacking technology is used in poorly watered soil and can be used for example to cross obstacles such as road and railway embankments.

Pipe-jacking Węzeł Murckowska Katowice

Pipe-jacking Ø3000mm

Last modified: 29 stycznia, 2014