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Our company has experience in conducting this type of work. We provide comprehensive performance of relining with installation of required pipe system such as valves, drains, changes in trajectory, etc.

Examples of application:

  • Reparation of existing pipelines
  • Updating of pipeline material, such as steel for HDPE

Relining is a trenchless technology used by repairing the existing underground infrastructure such as gravity and pressure pipelines. It involves pulling into the existing conduit a new self-supporting pipe e.g. polyethylene (PE). Sections of pipe are joined on construction site by butt welding and then they are drawn into an existing channel. Before repairing pipeline in relining technology, existing channel is cleaned form deposits on the walls. In cleaned channel, vision inspection is carried out to determine its technical condition.

Zdecydowaną zaleta tej technologii jest możliwość naprawy niesprawnego rurociągu bez konieczności prowadzenia prac w wykopie otwartym.

Wprowadzanie rury PE do istniejącego rurociągu

Wprowadzanie rury PE do istniejącego rurociągu