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Construction of water main in Wroclaw.

The project included the implementation of the water main in the northern precincts Opatowice and Strachocin in Wrocław.

The undermentioned tasks were performed:

  • Crossing under the Odra River made ​​by horizontal directional drilling, two parallel network lines OD 710 mm PE
  • Section of water main DN 800 mm steel – made ​​with microtunnelling method
  • The section of connecting the pipeline 300 mm ductile iron (in brass casing pipe OD 450 x 10 mm) – from the boundary of Strachocińska Street which is a regional road, where connection to the existing water supply system DN 200 mm was planned.

The designed water main network is a linear structure, supplementing the technical infrastructure of underground utilities. The task involved the performance of 28 working chambers and nearly 3,000 m of drilling in microtunnelling technology. Steel pipes with a diameter of 813 mm in outer PE jacket and inner steel liner were used.

A major problem with this task turned out to be a situation connected to the nature, while the area, where works were conducted is covered by the program Natura 2000 (Nature 2000). This required adjusting the schedule to possibility of conducting works in the area which is under protection.


Last modified: 21 października, 2013