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Vertical drilling used, inter alia, for installation of heat pumps

Sheet pile walls

Objects of economic activity includes performing works related to securing deep excavations by walling of steel sheet piles mostly by available type series and by means of bored piling and jet-grounding columns.

Microtunneling, HDD, jacking, drilling

do średnicy Ø3000 mm




Jet grouting is a moulding technology on a soil-cement column ground that uses effect of cutting and grinding the ground under the influence of cement grout under high pressure.

Micropiles, soil nails and tie-back anchors

This technology consists in making hole in one process line, the introduction of injection grout and the reinforcement.


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geological drilling, research drilling, exploration drilling, drilling for freezing the ground

Sheet pile walls

Our company has the equipment and the experience to install sheet piles of 22 m and more length by dynamic and static driving the components.


We provide microtunelling kits for executing drilling with a diameter of Ø250mm up to Ø1600 mm.


Horizontal drirectional drilling up to Ø 1000mm diameter for crossing under rivers, roads, rail roads and natural parks.


We conducted numerous studies involving the installation of pipes in the ground with an open head-pipe-jacking method.


In our offer we provide performing of FDP, CFA and DSM piles of foundation depth over 20 m.


We provide high pressure injection from a depth of 20 m and a diameter of column more than 3 meters.

Soil nails and tie-back anchors

In case of performing micropiles, soil nails and tie-back anchors, system solutions are used.


We provide comprehensive performance of relining with installation of required pipe system such as valves, drains, changes in trajectory, etc.

We are a specialized company in realization of crossings the gas, water supply, sewage, heating and cable network obstacles using horizontal directional drill (HDD) technology with diameters ranging from 60 mm to 1500 mm and horizontal perforation with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 2400 mm, microtunelling with diameters from 100 mm to 1700 mm. Furthermore, our company has an experience in micro pales installation, ground anchor jobs and soil nailing.

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